Trail Sacred Forests World Championships
June 10th 2017 8.00AM
Badia Prataglia (AR)
Tuscany - Italy
50 km / 3.000 D+

Road Book

Time limit

WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS 50km 3.000D+: 11 hours and 30 minutes
A "SAG wagon" will travel the route by following the latest entrant to the end, so that any injured not remain without assistance.
Competitors who do not arrive within the prescribed time limits will be stopped and will not continue the race. To protect the health of the participants, the medical staff present at checkpoints or along the path is enabled to stop the competitor who will not be judged suitable to the continuation of the race. In this case the competitor must follow the directions of medical staff, under penalty of immediate disqualification. The joints competitors to time gates out of time, the injured, those who will be judged by medical personnel unfit to continue the race, and other athletes who want to retire voluntarily, will be accompanied on arrival by a shuttle service. Each candidate will withdraw from the race out of the predetermined points, will be required to return to their own decision immediately his retirement by phone or SMS to the number indicated dal'organizzazione. The food and the dining drinks should only be consumed on the spot; it is forbidden to drink straight from bottles of refreshments, the waste will have to be thrown in the special containers. The runners will have the amount of water and food necessary to get to the next refreshment. Upon arrival there will be a further refreshment.

Timed gates

  • Diga di Ridracoli km 25: 5 hours of run