Trail sacred forest - Rules and Regulations


ASD BADIA PRATAGLIA 2001 with the support of the Pro Loco Badia Prataglia, in collaboration with A.S.D. Trail Running Project, with the patronage of CSI AREZZO, organizes for Sunday 23 May 2021 the seventh edition of the TRAIL SACRED FORESTS, a Trail Running race, a long-distance run in nature, in semi-self-sufficiency.

The race is valid for the Valli Aretine Ultra Trail Cup.


The Trail Sacred Forests will take place in accordance with these regulations, any changes and notices that will be published on the website and on the Trail Sacred Forests facebook page.
Competitors are also required to comply with the highway code, in particular in the sections where the route crosses the ordinary road network, which will not be closed to vehicular traffic. Participation in the Trail Sacred Forests involves the unreserved acceptance of this regulation by the registered competitors, in all its parts.
By registering, each competitor undertakes to respect this regulation and frees the organizers from any civil or criminal liability for any eventual accident or accident, for damage to persons or things caused by him or by himself, which may occur during the event.


The Trail Sacred Forests is a Trail Running Event (Running in Nature / Mountain) along the paths of the National Park of the Casentinesi Forests, Monte Falterona and Campigna. Participants will be able to choose the desired distance between:

  • LONG TRAIL 50 KM 3.000 D+
  • TRAIL 24 KM 1.500 D+
  • SHORT TRAIL 14 KM 800 D+

All distances are semi-self-sufficient.


Athletes aged 18 and over in possession of a Sports Medical Certificate for the "LIGHT ATHLETICS" competitive activity valid for the day of the race can participate in the "RUN TRAIL". Athletes who are serving disqualification for the use of doping substances will not be accepted.


The race is in semi-self-sufficient water and food. Refreshments will be provided with food and drinking water. Plastic cups will not be available at any refreshment point, to drink the runners must have a cup or other personal container suitable for use. Each runner must ensure that, at the start from each refreshment post, the minimum quantity of water required as compulsory material and the sufficient food reserve, which will be necessary to arrive at the next refreshment post. Personal assistance on the route is prohibited and is only allowed at the refreshment points. It is forbidden to be accompanied on the course by another person who is not regularly registered.


Registrations will open on 5 March 21 and will close on 14 May 21. In any case, registrations will still be closed when the maximum number of:
- 300 registered for the 50km Long Trail
- 300 registered for the 25km Trail
- 300 300 registered for the 14km Short Trail
In the event that registrations are closed due to reaching the maximum number well in advance, the organizer has the right to establish a waiting list for the acceptance of further registrations in the face of any waivers, in the manner that will be, if necessary. communicated on the website and on the facebook page Trail Sacred Forests. The organization reserves the right to assign wild cards even exceeding the maximum number of athletes admitted at its sole discretion. Entries must be made exclusively online with payment by credit card through the appropriate link on the official website of the race or directly on the website Any points of direct entry in person will be communicated on the website on the facebook page Trail Sacred Forests. In the event that the registered competitor does not provide the sports medical certificate, the bib will not be delivered and the competitor will not be able to take part in the race, without the right to any refund of the registration fee.


The registration costs will be on a single scale:
From 5 March 21 to 14 May 21
• TRAIL 25 KM: 25 EURO
Registration format and payment method available on the TDS platform. The registration fee includes:

  • Race bib
  • Healthcare along the route
  • Refreshments along the route and end of the race
  • Race pack with technical and / or food products
  • Finisher Medal
  • Bag with groceries to replace the pasta party


In case of renouncement of participation after regular registration, for any reason:
- the reimbursement of the registration fee is not foreseen in any case,
- the transfer of the bib from one competitor to another is not foreseen,
- the transfer of the registration for the next edition is not forseen.


COMPULSORY By registering, each runner signs the commitment to bring with him all the compulsory material listed below during the entire race, under penalty of disqualification. The mandatory material can be checked at the bib collection, departure, arrival and in surprise positions along the route. (depending on the weather conditions foreseen for the day of the race, the list of mandatory equipment may undergo changes):
- Race bib clearly visible throughout the race for all races (there will be more bib check points along the route, make sure that the security officers have checked your passage, under penalty of disqualification)
- Mobile phone (charged, with the security numbers saved in the address book)
- Water bottle or Camelbak or glass (at the refreshment points you will not find plastic glasses)
- Thermal blanket ( only for Long Trail 50 km 3.000d + and Trail 25km 1.500d +)
- Whistle (only for Long Trail 50 km 3.000 d + and Trail 25km 1.500d +)
- Headlamp working with recharging batteries (only for Trail 50 km 3.000 d +)

STRONGLY RECOMMENDED - At least 1/2 liter of liquids
- Windproof jacket
- Solid substances to eat
- Trail shoes (paths presumably wet and sometimes slippery, Trail shoes will guarantee you greater grip)

The use of the sticks is allowed.


It is possible to collect the bib / race pack on Saturday 22 May 2021 (recommended) from 15.00 to 22.00 and Sunday morning up to 1 hour before the start of the race in which the athlete will participate.


An emergency call post is established in correspondence with the refreshment points. These places are connected via radio or telephone with the race direction. Ambulances, civil protection and doctors will be present on the territory. The rescue posts are intended to provide assistance to all people in danger with the organization's own means or through affiliated organizations. The official doctors are authorized to suspend the competitors deemed unsuitable to continue the race. Rescuers are authorized to evacuate runners judged to be in danger by all means of their convenience. In case of need, for reasons that are in the interest of the rescued person, only and exclusively in the opinion of the organization, an official rescue will be called upon, who will take over the direction of the operations and will implement all the appropriate means, including the 'helicopter. Any expenses deriving from the use of these exceptional means will be borne by the rescued person according to the regulations in force. A runner who appeals to a doctor or a rescuer submits himself to his authority and undertakes to respect his decisions.


The detection of competitors is carried out at all checkpoints or refreshment points. Only runners with clearly visible bibs have access to the refueling points. The route map will be published on the website which will identify the refreshment points and rescue points. "Flying" checkpoints will be located in other places outside the rescue and refreshment posts. Their location will not be communicated by the organization.


LONG TRAIL 50 Km - 3.000D+ - 11 hours and 30 minutes
TRAIL 25 Km – 1.500 D+ - 5 hours and 30 minutes
There is a "broom service" that will cover the track following the last competitor to the end, so that any injured people do not remain without assistance.
LONG TRAIL 50 KM – 3.000 D+: 1) Ridracoli Dam 25 Km 5 hours of race.
TRAIL 25 Km - 1.500 D+ 1) Hermitage of Camaldoli 9 Km 2 hours and 30 minutes of race.
Competitors who do not arrive within the pre-established time limits will be stopped and will not be able to continue the race. To protect the health of the participants, the medical staff present at the checkpoints or along the route is authorized to stop the competitor who will not be judged suitable for the continuation of the race. In this case, the competitor must follow the instructions of the medical staff, under penalty of immediate disqualification. Competitors who have arrived at the time gates out of time, the injured, those who will be judged by the medical staff as unsuitable to continue the race, and the other athletes who wish to withdraw voluntarily, will be accompanied on arrival by a shuttle service. Each competitor who withdraws from the race outside the pre-established points, must arrange for the return on his own, immediately communicating his withdrawal via telephone or sms to the number indicated by the organization. In case of failure to communicate a withdrawal and the consequent start of the runner's searches, any resulting expenses will be charged to the runner himself. The food and drinks of the refreshment area must be consumed only on site; It is forbidden to drink directly from the bottles of the refreshment points, the waste must be thrown into the appropriate containers. Runners must have the amount of water and food necessary to get to the next refreshment point. Upon arrival there will be an additional refreshment.
WEATHER: In the event of important weather phenomena (dense fog, snowstorms, strong thunderstorms), the organization reserves the right to make changes to the route, even at the last minute or during the course of the race, in order to eliminate potential dangers or conditions of severe discomfort for the participants. Any changes will be communicated to the participants and reported by the staff. The organization also reserves the right to suspend or cancel the race, delay the start, vary the route or change the time gates in the event that the weather conditions put the safety of the participants, volunteers or rescuers at risk.
LONG TRAIL 50KM 3.000 D+ Distances: km 9 - km 15 (liquids only) - km 23 - km 30 (liquids only) - km 35 - km 44
TRAIL 25KM 3.000 D+ Distances: km 9 - km 15 (liquid only) - km 20
SHORT TRAIL 14KM 800 D+ Distances: 8 km


Immediate disqualification is foreseen, with withdrawal of the race bib, for the following infringements:
- failure to pass through a control point
- departure from a checkpoint after the time barrier
- cutting of the race course
- failure to comply with the prohibition of be accompanied along the route
- abandonment of waste along the route
- failure to help a competitor in difficulty
- insults or threats to organizers or volunteers
- use of means of transport in the race
- refusal to undergo checks by health personnel along the route
- refusal to submit to the control of the compulsory material, due to the lack of even a single point of the compulsory material
- use of personal assistance outside the permitted points
- abandonment of one's own material along the route
- pollution or degradation of the place by a competitor or a member of the his/her staff
- insults, rudeness or threats against members of the organization or volunteers
- refuses to be examined by a doctor of the organization at any time of the race

Art. 15 AWARDS

COMPANIES Top 3 COMPANIES by number of Competitions Participants
ATHLETES For each distance the following are awarded:
A < 39 MALE
B 40/49 MALE
C 50/59 MALE
D 60/> MALE


By registering, competitors authorize the organization to use free, without territorial and time limits, of still and moving images that portray them during participation in the Trail.


For anything not indicated, the FIDAL Regulations apply. Voluntary registration and consequent participation in the race indicate full acceptance of these regulations and any changes made. By registering, the participant exempts the organizers from any liability, both civil and criminal, for damage to persons and / or property caused by him or derived from him. The Participant declares: to be perfectly aware of all the characteristics and specificity of the test, the route, the difficulties and the length of the route, which develops in the mountains with possible difficult climatic conditions (such as, but not limited to, cold, wind, rain, snow, poor visibility, etc.), to be aware of the risks for personal safety connected to the competition and aware that participation in this event requires specific preparation and a real capacity for personal autonomy of which it certifies to be in possession; to release the organizers from any direct or indirect liability for any financial and non-pecuniary damage, including future ones, illness, and / or accidents, which he / she may be suffered, suffered and / or caused, even to third parties, during the entire duration of the event and / or on the occasion and / or as a consequence of its participation in it; from any liability related to theft and / or damage possibly suffered by any of its personal objects, the custody of which is aware that it is not assumed in any way by the organizers; and from any liability for any damage caused by him / her to third parties and / or to goods owned by third parties. The Participant undertakes to carry with him, throughout the duration of the competition, the indicated mandatory material and exempts the organization in the event of an accident or illness or any damage attributable to the lack of such mandatory materials. The Participant assumes all liability, both criminal and civil, even objective, resulting from his participation in the event. The Participant gives consent to the processing specified in the information, authorizing the sending of information material relating to subsequent events or various initiatives proposed by the organizers and authorizes any photographic and cinematographic recordings for the production of videos, bulletin boards, publication in printed paper and web (including download).


In case of cancellation of the race due to force majeure, up to 15 days before the event, the Organization reserves the right to reimburse a percentage equal to 50% of the registration fee paid. This percentage is justified by the multiple expenses that the Organization has already carried out and which it cannot recover. In case of interruption or cancellation of the race for weather reasons, or for any other reason independent of the Organization, no refund will be due to the participants.


In case the athlete decides to do the race accompanied by one or more four-legged friends, it is mandatory that they are on a leash, to allow total safety to the athletes and the animals themselves.


In compliance with the current COVID-19 anti-countagion regulations, we list some points with requests, obligations, directives and restrictions:

  • Respect for the interpersonal distance required by law (at least 1.8 meters) and the use of a protective mask are always requested, when passing or stopping within the perimeter outlined for MEETING UP, DEPARTURE and ARRIVAL
  • The starting mode will be announced and communicated by the STAFF in the pre-race Briefing, in any case, participants must wear a mask for at least the first 500 meters of the race, if they stop at the refreshment points and on arrival
  • It is mandatory to wear a mask during the awards ceremony
  • Containers for special waste will be made available (masks, gloves, etc.)
  • The organization will provide the staff with masks and gloves in accordance with the regulations in force at the time of the competition.

The logistics of the event provides for checks and mandatory routes that participants and guests will have to respect from the moment they arrive in the MEETING area, everything will be indicated and reported on site and in the pre-race email that we will send to all participants a few days before the event.

Due to current regulations, THERE WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE:



The measurement of times and the elaboration of the rankings is by TDS.

Run across the most Ancient and Pristine Forests in Europe


The following athletes are allowed to take part in the Trail Sacred Forests OPEN competition:
FIDAL members, aged 18 and above; IAAF affiliated Federation Italian and foreign athletes residing in Italy, aged 18 and above who have been issued a RUN CARD EPS by FIDAL as members of a sport promotion body. Each entrant, with no exemption, is to validate his/her registration by a MEDICAL CERTIFICATE FOR COMPETITIVE ATHLETICS, valid on the date of the race. Note that no medical certificate will be accepted unless it is specifically issued for COMPETITIVE ATHLETICS. Soon due to expire medical certificates may be provided subsequently to pre-registration. No athlete who is serving a disqualification for violating the doping rules is allowed to register for the race. Online registration will be open from March the 5th 2021 to May the 14th 2021.

The registration costs will be on a single scale:

    • LONG TRAIL 50 KM: 45 EURO
    • TRAIL 25 KM: 25 EURO
    • SHORT TRAIL 14 KM: 15 EURO